List Of Boracay Beaches

List Of Boracay Beaches

Exploring Boracay Beaches

Boracay Long Beach – The main beach, this beach is almost 400 kilometers long from Barangay Manoc, Manoc up to Barangay Balabag Beach, or from Station 3 to Station 1.
The attractions of the Long beach are the beauty of sunset, the soft, fine and white sand, where the tourist are sheltering under palm tree, relaxing, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, banana boating, jet ski and parasailing.

Bolabog Beach – The main attractions here are Windsurfing and Kite Boarding. The Bolabog is located in the eastern cost of Boracay Islands. It is known as the popular Kitesurfing beach in Asia. This is aproaximately 2.5 Kilometers long of white beach.
There are also Hotels, Restaurant and Bar’s you can Stay and dine to chill out.

Diniwid Beach – is next from the long white beach of Station 1, it is a peaceful place, best opportunity for picture taking to the rock face cliff. Here you can find the Spider House Resorts and the West cove Resorts. You can reach this place via tricycle from the main road or from D’Mall. You can also walk from Station 1 going to this beach. It is more or less 200 meters if you are walking along the beach.

Balinghai Beach – is one of snorkeling place, it has a coral garden reef near to this beach. It is located in the northern part of the Island. It is a private place away from the long beach and design for escape and for your privacy. Resorts are built into cliff and give you a beautiful overlooking view. You can visit this beach by riding a tricycle.

Cagban Beach – Traveling from Caticlan Jetty port going to Boracay Island, the very first Beach you will see is the Cagban Beach in Cagban port. This Beach is the gateway of Boracay and your access to Caticlan and Caticlan to Boracay via Ferry and pump-boat. 
Cagvan means “cave”, here you can see the rocky high cliff. If you are looking for a quietness place to stay and relaxing and away from busting of a long white beach.

Puka Beach – Its name is from the well know Puka Shell of Boracay, it is 800 meters long and the second long beach of Boracay. Here you can find the small shells and tiny white coral amulets which they made a necklace or pendant. 
The place is surrounded by fringing reefs and located in the northern tip of Boracay islands. This is another good place for beach picture taking, a peaceful one and not crowded. Station one, station two, and station three or known as long beach are crowded.

Manoc Manoc Beach – This place is located in the southern point of Boracay, this is the alternative place of Kitesurfer and wind surfing racing through the strong winds of 6 knots. 
This Beach also is of the snorkeling destination. This is place holds many attractions like hills and mountains on its background facing Caticlan port.

IligIligan Beach – The main attraction of this Beach are the cove and the caves, here you can see the Bat caves. 
It is nice place for hiking and mountain biking. It is located in the east coast of Boracay Islands. This place is accessible via motor bike, bicycle and hiking. 
This beach is one of the snorkeling and scuba diving spots destination. You will enjoy to look at the local aquatic life.

Punta Bunga Beach – Like Puka Beach, this Beach is also has many shells when you are walking on the beach. 
This Beach shares with Shangrila and Sol Marina Resorts, This place is perfect for those who want to escape the crowded long beach. If you want to take a picture with no or less people around you, this place is what you are looking for. 
This place is located in the north west of the Island, Near Sol Marina formerly (“The Club Panoly”). 
It is also is best place for swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and many other water activities.

Tambisaan Beach – Also known as Tulubhan Beach, This place is located in the south most of Manoc Manoc Beach. 
This place is facing across Crocodile Islands and one of the popular destinations for snorkeling and scuba diving. 
This Beach also is the alternative ferry port of Boracay to Caticlan during the southeast monsoon and also known as “Habagat – in Filipino” seasons. During “Habagat the Cagban port is windy that cause for a high and big wave.

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