Extreme Water Sports

Extreme Water Sports

The best of Bolabog Beach is the place where you can find windsurfing and Kite-boarding.

If you love extreme sports in the water like Kite boarding. Then you should visit the Fun board Center in this place. This is the best place for Windsurfing and Kite boarding in Asia.
The best time you can enjoy this kind of sports in Bocaray is during  North easterly wind "called Amihan in the Philippines". During this season, the wind consistently blows from the month of November to April, with estimated speed of 10 - 30 knots.
Check out the annual Fun-board cup in Bolabog Boracay every December to January. You can witness the worlds attracting kiteboarder and windsurfer coming from deferent country's representing for this water sports event.

If you want to learn windsurfing or kite-boarding. The adventure Windsurf Boracay offers rental equipment for you to learn.

Offers are:
For windsurfing equipment.
1 hour  - for 20USD
3 hour's or a half day - for 50USD
6 hour's or whole day - for 80USD
1 Week - for 300USD

For Kite-boarding equipment.
1 hour - for 40USD
1 day - for 100USD

check out thier website for more information: http://www.adventure-windsurfing-boracay.com/

Aside from rental services you can also enroll there tutorial lessons with one on one instructor. covering windsurfing and kite-boarding.

If you can't avail this sports in Bolabog during Nort easterly or "Amihan". You can visit the Angol beach in Boracay other side of white beach near station 3 beside Arwana Resorts. You can enjoy this sports during Norteast monsoon also known as "Habagat - in the Phillipines". This seasons is from the Month of June to October. after this month all windsurfers will be back to Bolabog Beach.

Other place of Windsurfing and Kiteboarding near in Boracay is in Union Bay in Nabas Aklan.
This place is 10 minutes away from Caticlan Jetty port, you can ride a tricycle going to this place.
30 minutes derictly from Boracay via "Banca" Ferry Boat.

How you can find Bolabog Beach in Boracay.

From D'Mall you can walk a bit fronting Balabag directions and then turn right crossing of Bolabog road then you will be there in 15 minutes or more. For your convenient you can hire and ride a tricycle going there.

Check our Boracay Map in this website to locate Bolabog Beach, and Angol Beach. 

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