Extreme Sport’s The Cliff diving.

Extreme Sport’s The Cliff diving.

While you are enjoying your stay in Boracay, like walking in the beautiful white sand on the beach. Also, there are a lot of activities you can enjoy in Boracay.
The one adventure experience you may enjoy is the Cliff Diving.

What is cliff diving?

Cliff diving is you are jumping from the 13 to 15 meters high of platform down to the water and swim. It sound’s exiting right? This kind of activities is one of the complicated extreme sports. It does not require for special clothing to wear or safety gear.
If you are professional one you can try 15 meters high, but if you are an amateur, there is an option for you to try like seven meters, six meters, three meters platforms.

This is one of the popular extreme sports in the world. You can see who are those popular cliff divers are, in Redbull Cliff diving website. http://www.redbullcliffdiving.com/en_INT

In Boracay you can also experience this kind of sports or to witness for your added adventure activities list.

To experience this kind of activities you can book for a trip to the Cliff diving in Ariel’s point in Bruanga beach near Boracay, This place is not in the island of Boracay but in the island of Panay in Aklan Province, The beach is located in the Municipality of Bruanga, near Malay in Aklan, it is accessible also from Caticlan by land travel, it is the opposite view of Boracay when you are facing south at the long beach right along Caticlan place.

This trip is package with foods and drinks.

You can visit Ariels point website for more information and for early booking. http://www.arielspoint.com/cliff-diving/

But before you do that, make sure do you know how to swim. Although you can jump just to try to conquer your fear of height but of course it’s not right if you don’t know how to survive from floating yourself in the water.

This kind of water sports or outdoor activities are not recommended for everyone, specially those who has a history of health problems, with medications or with advice by their doctor not to engage totally to any kind of outdoor activities or sports.

Ariel’s point: How to get there from Boracay?

Ariel’s point is 35 minutes boat ride from Boracay Station one.

Before you go there make sure to book early in Ariel’s house in Boracay near in Station one along white beach, if you are along the road, it is in between of Club Paraw and Obama Grill.

It will be easy to book if you are with a group of friends for about 5 to 10 or more that can accommodate the capacity of one boat ride.

Enjoy & have fun!

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