Boracay Night out

Boracay Night out

To complete your vacation, why not experience and enjoy your nightlife in Boracay Island.
You will enjoy what music you like to hear or to dance in a party venue or even to sing on a live band after sunset.

Below are the list's of Clubs, Bar's and Party venues for you to choose.

List of Party Club's and Resto Bars

1. Club Paraw
2. Coco Mangas
3. Bombom Bar
4. Mint Bar
5. La Reserve Restaurant

Club Paraw - Party Club

This Party Club is one of the best venues for you if you love to hear RnB music, and of course, to dance the way you like to wave your body on the dance floor.
On a special day during weekend's like holiday's they have imported DJ's from Manila or even from other country's to make the dance floor shake for intense.
If you experienced Beach Comber place before, it is Club Paraw now.
They serve:

San Miguel Beer
Red Horse Beer
Ram Coke
Varieties of whisky mixed by their bartenders.

You may find this place near in station one. From D'Mall you can ride a tricycle going to station one and just tell the driver to drop you there "Club Paraw".  This place is in beach front, you can also walk on the beach from station two to station one and you're there.

Coco Mangas - Party Club

This party club is like Club Paraw. The music they played, the drinks they served. But the ambiance is deference, this place is not in the beach front and not an open air. Their venue is a covered place and the lightning is operated only by its dancing light and a simple spotlight on the side.

This place is a walking distance in the main road near Club Paraw.

They serve
San Miguel Beer
Red Horse Beer
Ram Coke
Varieties of whisky mixed by their bartenders.

Still standing 15 shots challenge.
They have a 15 shots challenge, you can be a representative of your country for this challenge if you still standing after you finish those 15 shots and your name will be on top listed on their wall.

Bombom Bar - Reggae Music

If you love reggae music this place is what you are looking for.
This place is the best place to relax, you can seat and feel the fresh air on the beach and listening a very  nice music while drinking your favorite drinks.

This place is in between station one and two along the beach front.

Rumbas -Sports Bar

If you are the kind of sports lover and you don't want to miss your favorite sport. This place is for you to hang out. Drinking while watching your favorite sports.

This place is in D'Mall.

Mint Bar - Acoustic Music

This place is for you if you are acoustics music lover.
You can drink smoke and even sing with your favorite music.
They played live acoustic songs, you can also request your songs if you want them to play. To request your songs, just write it on a tissue paper and give it to the waiter, then they will sing your songs or enjoy hearing it.

They are known as Shisha venue in Boracay.

This place is in Balabag Station one.

La Reserve Restaurant - Acoustic Music

This Restaurant and bar is another acoustic music bar.
You can dine and drinks while listening, your favorite music to this place, and it is located in Station two along the beach.

In Boracay Island, there were a lot's of Restaurant, Bars and party Club's for you to chill out during your night hour stay.

The more you stay, the more you will discover your taste of foods, drinks, and places to enjoy. Just walk from station tree to station one along the beach and you can see more places to experience.

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