Wind Surfing in Boracay Island

Wind Surfing in Boracay Island

If you love water sports like windsurfing and Kite-boarding you can enjoy these activities in Boracay.

You may find this place in Bolabog at the back of Laguna de Boracay. Other sides of Boracay Beach.

There is also a learning school for you to learn from the start, You can bring or rent windsurf board for your training.

For the beginner, there is a shallow water area for your easy and safe training.

The inlet is protected by the reef from the waves making it an ideal place for slalom and freestyle windsurfers.

The perfect month you can enjoy windsurfing in Boracay is during Amihan season from November to April.

The water is a crystal clear and sometimes if you are lucky you can see dolphins around you while you are enjoying your water sports activities, so do not forget your active camera like GoPro to capture this exciting experience.

If there is long white beach in Boracay there is also called Bolabog Beach opposite side of the sea where you can enjoy this kind of water sports activities.

There are also a water sports community hosting events for this kind of sports and a contest with prizes.

So if you love this kind of sports and if you have your talent, inquire in Bolabog Beach if you want to join.

If you want in Bolabog Beach place, there are many resorts in this place you can stay.

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