Travel guide to Boracay Islands

Travel guide to Boracay Islands

Manila to Boracay

How to get there:

1.) From Manila - via Airplane to Kalibo, you can travel for only 45 - minutes up to 1 hour going to Kalibo Internation Airport. Kalibo is the Capital of Aklan province, from there you will take either Bus or a Close Van Deluxe  ride and more or less two hours going to Caticlan gateway to Boracay Islands.
2.) From Manila - via chartered Airplane directly to Caticlan Airport, The travel time is 45 minutes to one hour.

3.) From Cubao Quezon City via Roro Bus the estimated travel time is 12 hours going to Caticlan port. The Roro Bus will travel from Cubao to Batangas port. The Roro Vessels in Batangas are waiting for the  Buses loaded with the passengers to be transported going to the Islands of Mindoro,  Passengers of the buses will be temporarily transfer to the Roro vessels passengers seats until they reach the Calapan ports in Mindoro. In Mindoro Calapan port all Buses will gather all of their passenger by doing a head count before they will travel again going to Roxas port in the opposite side of Mindoro and this port is facing to Caticlan. From Roxas port, another Roro Vessels will transport all the buses and passengers going to Caticlan port in Malay Aklan.

The Batangas to Calapan Roro Vessels are different from Roxas to Caticlan port.

There are two Roro Vessels that the Buses will ride going to Caticlan.
Batangas to Calapan port in Mindoro, and Roxas port in Mindoro to Caticlan Jetty port in Boracay.

If you choose Roro travel, below are the additional information that can help you if you are in Manila.

How to travel from NAIA terminals to Cubao Quezon City.

Note: NAIA terminals are consist of four terminals. Terminal one, two, three and four. Terminal one is the international terminal, terminals two and three are mixed of international and domestic, and terminal four are the domestic terminal.

If you are from NAIA terminal three there are two options that you can ride.

Jeepney the chepeast one, and Aircon Bus
If you are from NAIA terminal three there are two options that you can ride.

Jeepney the chepeast one and Aircon Bus

If you choose to ride a Jeepney, walk a bit going down to the road and find a Jeepney with Baclaran signage in front of it.
The one I will recommend for your convenient travel is the air-con Bus, there are Buses, an airport Bus outside the terminal near arrival area. Buses from terminals four, two and one, the routes are up to Baclaran, One of those Buses are operated by HM Bus Transport, color white. The ticket fare is only Php20.00 pesos.

Once you reach Baclaran the fastest way going to Cubao is the MRT train, In Baclaran, a little bit walk going to MRT train station and ride a train going to Cubao Station. In Cubao, you may find the Araneta Stadium and the Roro Bus station is in the back of this Stadium, another land mark is the gateway Mall Araneta Cubao.

4.) From Caticlan jetty port you will ride again for a "pump-boat" for 45 minutes going to  Boracay.

5.) In Boracay, you have to know the major places of drop off from Boracay Cagban port.
There are major locations known in Boracay. The Station one, Station two and Station three.
The station one is located in Barangay Balabag, The Station two is in the center of Boracay long beach front near D' Mall Shopping Center in between Barangay Balabag and Barangay Manocmanoc, Station three is in Barangay Manocmanoc.

From Cagban port, the arragement of the said stations are, Station three, Station two, then the Station one.

Mode of transportation from Boracay Cagban port are L300 close van, tricycle and motorcycle.
If you are riding from Cagban port going to your destination. You should remember the following places.
If you see the Mandala Spa, you are already in Barangay Manocmanoc in Station three.
If you see the D' Talipapa you are now in the Station two.
And if you see D' Mall you are now in the heart of Boracay in between Station two and Station one.
If you see the Club Paraw you are now in station one in Barangay Balabag.

Stations One,Two and Three was formerly boat station port in Boracay along long white beach area traveling from Caticlan. The Government of Malay the Municipality of Boracay decided to removed those stations as a gateway to Caticlan, and transferred to Cagban port to make as one boat station only in order  to preserved the cleanliness of the long white beach.

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