Things you may need for your travel in Boracay Islands

Things you may need for your travel in Boracay Islands

There are two major locations in the island where you can buy souvenir items..

1. D'Mall - is one of the well known Malls in Boracay.
It has an access road from the long white beach near in station one and station two, the other side is in the Boracay highway central also know as Tambisaan jetty port road or the main road.

What you can buy to this place. Souvenir items like design shirts, personal accessories, and many others.

D'Mall also is one of the meeting places. almost hotels and resort has a pickup point in this place of their free shuttle service.

2, D' Talipapa - is the primary souvenir shop's, a wet market and a place if you want to buy fresh seafood's.
In this place you can find the cooking restaurant like "dampa" which means that you will buy and look for a restaurant where you can request to cook your fresh seafood's and dine. You will pay the place where you dined and cooking services in that restaurant.
D' Talipapa is in station two a walking distance to the beach from the D' mall.

Banks and ATM's in Boracay

In D'Mall, there are a Bank and ATM's along Tambisaan near Budget Mart in the main road. There are also ATM's in entry and exit along the beach front near Gasthof Cafe
There is also ATM when you are at the D' Talipapa.

Along the road near Station two, and Station one in front of Mel Flores Resorts after Crown Regency going to Balabag Barangay Hall there are a lot's  of Banks with ATM you may need to withdraw for your cash.

Money Exchange.

In D'Mall there are money changer's where you can exchange your money to Philippine peso for you to buy stuff there.

There is also in Tourist Center in between station three and station two in beach front near police office station.
You can change your money also in all commercial Bank in Boracay for a very good price in pesos.

Credit Cards:

Almost all Commercial Establishments in Boracay Islands accept all major credit cards.
Visa/Master Cards 70%
American Express/Diners 30%

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