Places outside Boracay (Puerto Galera Minodoro)

Places outside Boracay (Puerto Galera Minodoro)

Puerto Galera Mindoro - is another white beach in the Philippines which is accessible from Boracay Islands.

How to get there if you are from Boracay Islands

Mode of transportation:
1) Roro Bus from Boracay via Caticlan all the way to Roxas Mindoro and Calapan Mindoro to Batangas pier.
2) 2go Ferry Boat from Caticlan directly to Batangas port, from Batangas you will ride again for a boat like in Caticlan to Boracay pump-boat going to Puerto Galera.

If you are coming from Manila you can commute a Bus going to Batangas pier, there is always available Bus from Cubao. You should go to Cubao Araneta Center in Quezon City for your convenient ride and almost all Buses offers free WiFi internet while your on board.

Of course if your from Manila you can visit Mindoro and Boracay if you already know how travel going to Batangas pier, it is accessible to Puerto Galera and to Caticlan going to Boracay.

Travel time you may spend is about six hours from Manila to Puerto Galera, and eight hours if you are coming from Caticlan Boracay.

Take note there is no flight from Boracay to Puerto Galera. Only Roro Bus and Ferry are available for your travel.

What is Roro Bus travel?

Roro Bus travel is traveling by land and by Sea via Roro Vessels from Batangas to Calapan Mindoro and Roxas Mindoro to Caticlan pier going to Boracay. Up to 12 hours traveling time from Cubao Quezon City to Boracay Islands.

There are Roro Vessels assigned from Batangas to Calapan Mindoro and Roxas Mindoro to Caticlan carrying Buses with passengers.

Your travel expenses for your Bus and pump-boat ride are ranging from 700 Philippine pesos up to 1,000.

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