Communication in Boracay Island

Communication in Boracay Island

We as travelers, the very first thing we need to bring aside from our camera is our mobile device or a smart phone, like our laptop and tablet.

The question will be, how do I use mobile phone or smart devices if I cannot use my sim-card  in that country? Or I will pay more expensive outside my country.
Of course all Hotels and Resorts are free wi-fi.

There are varieties of Telecom Company here in the Philippines where you can buy and use the sim card for your mobile devices. Those are Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular and ABS-CBN Mobile Telecommunication Company. You can buy those sim cards anywhere here in the Philippines or even in Boracay Island.

Those sim cards can be use for your call and for your internet surfing. Each sim card you may choose to buy has a manual for user's how to use it for your call and internet browsing. They also offer a variety of promos to their subscribers that can use for a discounted prize or to avoid regular charge of their mobile load.

The Smart and Globe also offers LTE connection aside from H+ and 4G, you can maximize this type connection in some available areas.

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